Manlleu Film Festival

Round Table: Producing outside the big city


In Catalonia, almost 80% of production companies that aim to produce cinema are based in Barcelona. In this round table, we will discuss the possibilities and challenges of film production in rural areas far from the city. In an industry that often revolves around urban centers, this event aims to shed light on the potential and viability of creating valuable cinema outside the centers of power.

We will be joined by professional producers and filmmakers who have dared to embark on cinematic journeys from their own territories. Is it truly possible to produce films rich in creativity and authenticity, far from the splendor of the big cities? What does a region need to become an attractive place for a producer to establish a company?

We will explore funding opportunities, networking strategies, and distribution channels that can empower filmmakers to thrive in rural environments, nurturing a new wave of diverse voices and narratives.

Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker seeking unconventional paths, an experienced professional considering a change beyond the city, or simply a curious film lover, this round table is your gateway to a world of possibilities.

The debate will be moderated by Carme Puig, representing the audiovisual area of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises (ICEC).

After this activity, we will be able to continue the debate with an appetizer at the second meeting of professionals from the audiovisual industry in Osona.


DateSaturday 15th July 2023
VenueEl Manlleuet 📍
TicketFree with prior registration


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