Manlleu Film Festival

Awards 2022

The MFF jury, formed by Gilbert Arroyo, Carla Linares and Miquel Escudero, and the Youth Jury composed
of Helena Durbán, Níger Tous and Sílvia Ballesteros, have decided to recognise the following films.

Youth Jury Award to the best short film

El dia que volaron la montaña

Alba Bresolí  | 25 MIN  | Catalunya

For the ability to deal with such a universal topic from a close perspective, always with a humorous component and a sensitive narrative thread. The representation of such a special anthropology, dealing with issues on the agenda with a very high technical level. The jury values the maturity of the story and the development, from beginning to end, of the whole story.

Special mention to the best Osona competition short film

Una dona jove

Ramon Villegas  | 10 MIN  | Catalunya

For the desire to stage a mystery that lies between the intersection of cinema and theater.

MFF award to the best Osona competition short film

Petites morts

Valèria Cuní  | 10 MIN  | Catalunya

For the value of a young filmmaker’s commitment to narrating a complex subject such as bullying, and for her commitment to accompany the main character who does not find her place in the world.

MFF award to the best National competition short film

Ex-aequo award


Mikel Gurrea  | 18 MIN  | Catalunya — Euskal Herria

For the poetic form in which the main character faces the intimate limits of the relationship with his brother, in a context marked by conflict and silence, and the way to reveal the mysteries and wounds of the character with an approach of cinema documentary.

MFF award to the best National competition short film

Ex-aequo award

Can Gardell

Florencia Aliberti, Silvia Subirós  | 22 MIN  | Catalunya

For a formal commitment that finds the balance between harshness and comedy where, halfway between fiction and documentary, the hypocritical and romanticized fascination with rural environments can end up turning them into theme parks pushing them to their own end.

MFF award to the best International competition short film

Gila who walks alone

Yuval Shapira | 20 MIN  | França

For being a film with a very solid mise-en-scene that serves a powerful and very honest anthropological vision in a culture and a world that are limiting. The jury wants to highlight the sensitivity and aesthetic delicacy with which the director treats the despair of wanting to find a voice of his own in a world marked by noise.