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Sergi Cameron - 2019 - 17’ 23”


In a small village in the Pyrenees, on an undetermined date around the 10th century, Narbona is a girl who is affected by a disease that the new medical classes find incurable.

Caterina, her mother, calls for the help of a witch named La Vigatana, as had been done for centuries in the pagan and pre-Christian tradition that dominated the harmonious and communal life of the valley.

By means of ancestral knowledge and natural remedies, La Vigatana manages to cure the girl, but the intrusion of the representatives of the new official powers (the feudal lord, the priest and the knights) execute the healer on the pretext that she is a danger to be eradicated.


Director: Sergi Cameron

Subject: Short film Section: Nacional Edition: 2019


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