El Sopar, directed by Pere Portabella, to close Manlleu Film Festival

El Sopar, directed by Pere Portabella, to close Manlleu Film Festival
Pere Portabella’s documentary “El Sopar” has been selected to close the Manlleu Film Festival.

The film will be screened on the July 15th, 2018.


Starred by five ex-political prisioners during the Franco’s dictatorship, the film is a dinner-conversation about being a political prisioner, its consequences and the effects it caused among themselves. Portabella filmed the clandestine dinner on the March 2nd, 1974, in a farmhouse in Sant Llorenç Savall (Catalonia). Recently, it was revealed that the dinner took place the same night that the spanish regime assessinated Salvador Puig i Antich, an historical anti-fascist member.


The film, that has both an important historical and cinematographic value, becomes a collective catharsis until the last frame. Portabella’s visual approach becomes a direct dialogue between the ex-prisioners and the audience in a heartbreaking narration.


Pere Portabella, filmmaker and political activist equally, has been directing and producing shortfilm for many years. “Miró, l’altre” (1969), “La tempesta” (2003), or “Mudanza” (2008) are some his short-films filmography. He directed feature films such as ”Vampir – Cuadecuc” (1970) or “El silenci abans de Bach” (2007). As executive producer, Portabella has produced multi-awarded films such as “Viridiana” (1961) directed by Luís Buñuel.


Photo credits: Cristina Calderer